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The Teaching – Learning Gap

Students bring their social and emotional issues into the classroom, and these issues can cause the students to misbehave and distract them from focusing on their academic performance. Teachers usually don’t receive training for how to develop their students’ social and emotional Intelligence. When students develop their social and emotional intelligence, they handle their social and emotional issues more effectively and greatly improve their academic performance.

Emotionally Intelligent Teacher

To effectively implement emotional intelligence with students, the teachers need to first develop and practice emotional intelligence themselves. We will guide the teachers in developing their own social and emotional intelligence, which will set them up for success in learning how to develop their students' social and emotional intelligence. Emotionally intelligent teachers build emotionally intelligent students which encourages an emotionally intelligent learning community.

Integrating Emotional Intelligence with the Curriculum

We effectively train your teachers with sample lessons from their primary class subjects. We mentor them on how to integrate emotional intelligence into their subjects and lesson plans for an effective and wholesome learning outcome. We take time to understand the needs and vision of your school and provide a custom training plan.

Training Academy

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